The Apsara Dance comes from the legend that Cambodia originated from the union of the hermit Kampu and the Apsara Mera. This dance shows Mera, dressed all in white, dancing in her garden. The dance shows happiness and prosperity for the whole country. She is joined by her maindens who present her with flowers which express a love of her from the people of Cambodia.

Here at Koulen Restaurant, we have professionally trained dancers that perform this show nightly in our restaurant in Siem Reap.

Our Dancers will perform the magnificant Apsara dance while you eat! This stunning, traditional dance is world famous and you can see it here at Koulen Restaurant!

The Apsara dance shows one of the myths in Cambodia about the coming together of Mera, a dancer and Kambu, a wise man. The hand gestures are a significant part of the story, with each hand gesture signifying something different. These gestures are often performed in a specific order and help to the tell the story of the dance.